Why CVtrumpet?

There is an alternative to applying for one position at a time, or waiting to be found, and so you may want to read this carefully.

Find out how to save your time... increase your interview exposure... and gain access to the 70%+ of job openings that are never advertised anywhere

Studies show that searching for a new position typically takes between three and seven months. Searching for a new senior executive or management job takes even longer. Even with the introduction of the Internet, job searching still takes months.

All of the various job sites can all too easily become tedious and overwhelming. We thought that there must be an easier way for UK-based job seekers to connect with relevant executive recruiters and recruitment consultants, and so in February 2002 CVtrumpet was born.

From the beginning, we decided the focus would be on you, the candidate. All other online recruitment services were focused purely on the recruiter. To a large extent they still are.

Each job board looks to drive as many applications as it can to each job posting. While this may be great for the recruiter, it's time-consuming and extremely competitive for the candidate.

To give you the job search advantage, we reversed the traditional job searching model

Rather than apply for one position at a time, or forward your CV to one recruiter at a time, with CVtrumpet you register your CV just once and your CV is sent directly to multiple, targeted recruiters from an extensive network of 8,200+ approved, opted-in recruiters.

There are two key benefits to the service...

The first is that you save a lot of your most valuable resource - time. Your CV typically goes directly to 100s of targeted recruiters in 3 minutes, rather than just one.

The second benefit is that you are provided with a great deal of exposure for your CV - exposure that could take you months or even years of searching yourself to find.

This degree of exposure would obviously enhance your job search.

You also dramatically increase the number of potential jobs that are available to you

Up to 70% of jobs are never advertised - they comprise of what is known as the hidden job market.

To fill these, recruiters select candidates from their network. By using CVtrumpet to send your CV to potentially hundreds of targeted recruiters, you become one of the candidates who are considered for unadvertised jobs.

You also get to reach decision makers and connect directly as your CV goes to each recruiter's inbox rather than a database.

Your CV isn't put in a database waiting to be found.

Your CV isn't sent to one recruiter at a time or to just a few recruiters.

Instead, your CV is delivered straight to the inboxes (where it is seen) of usually hundreds of targeted recruiters.

Connect with the right recruiters

You connect with recruiters that specialise in the types of vacancies you want. Connect with recruiters who cover your industry, job function, your salary level (to £300k), job level, employment type and region.

Targeting means that recruiters only get highly relevant CVs from us. So when they get a referral from us, they know that it's going to be relevant to them. So they take our referrals seriously.

The CVtrumpet difference

CVtrumpet Other Services
Provides recruiters with targeted CVs for free.

Has built an extensive recruiter network over the last 8+ years.

Extensive, targeted exposure for you.
Are tied to job boards and charge recruiters. Limited exposure for your CV.
Connect directly with multiple, targeted, recruiters.
Puts the CV into a database, where it will compete with around 100,000+ other CVs.
  • You save time as your CV goes directly to the inbox of each matching recruiter from our network-- finding all of these recruiters yourself, and then sending your CV to them individually (as we do) would take weeks, months or longer.
  • We only send very specific CVs to opt-in, approved recruiters -- so our recruiter network attracts and retains top executive recruiters and recruitment firms.
  • CVtrumpet provides recruiters with specific CVs for free -- other services, including job boards, charge recruiters and so have fewer recruiters.
  • You'll get an edge that no other service can provide -- CVtrumpet isn't limited to any recruiter association or job board. This enables us to maximise your exposure to targeted recruiters.
  • CVtrumpet is the UK's first and most successful CV forwarding company -- so you know you're in experienced and safe hands.
  • Your CV goes directly to each matching recruiter's inbox, rather than a database competing with 100,000's of others -- so your CV gets targeted exposure, rather than getting lost.
  • Reach 100s of targeted recruiters in 3 minutes flat -- rather than 3 months.
  • Recruiters are screened and approved by CVtrumpet -- so you know that your CV is being sent to top quality recruiters.
  • You'll get the type of exposure to recruiters that would have taken you months before -- and it now only takes you 3 minutes.

The UK Job Searching Edge

We provide the executive job seeker the edge when it comes to connecting with the right recruiters.

Unlike other services, we are not tied to a particular recruiter association or job board and so the size of our recruiter network is not limited by the constraints that render other such services weak or ineffective.

An Extensive UK Recruitment Network

Unlike other services we do not charge recruiters; this helps us to build, and retain our extensive recruiter network.

Unlike other services, we provide recruiters with only very specific candidates based on salary level, job level, job function (100+), employment type industry/sector (50+) and location.

By only sending recruiters specific candidates that meet their needs, our network attracts and retains top executive recruiters and executive recruitment firms.

We are on the phone to recruiters every business day and have been for over 7 years.

We have built an extensive recruiter network across the UK and you can now tap into that network in just 3 minutes or less.

Tap into our Extensive Recruiter Network in Just Minutes

All recruiters have already joined us and they have selected a very specific profile of the type of candidates that they are looking for.

All recruiters are approved by us and each recruiter has invited us to send your CV to them.

We only send each recruiter highly targeted and relevant CVs, so each CV sent from CVtrumpet is of value to each recruiter receiving it.

How it Works

Our specific matching system ensures that your CV goes straight to the right recruiters

Your CV for example would be sent to recruiters covering your industry, your job function, your salary level, your job level (MD, Director, Manager, Employee etc.) and your preferred location(s).

In essence we get your CV into the inboxes of multiple, targeted UK recruiters, which guarantees you plentiful exposure.

Other methods, such as putting your CV into a CV database means that you are competing with thousands of other CVs. With CVtrumpet, recruiters in your field are invited to compete for you.

CVtrumpet enables you to target recruiters very precisely. You can choose recruiters based on the following CVtrumpet recruiter filters:

Employment Type Choose from Permanent, Interim, Contract or Temporary
Employment Level MD, Director, Manager, Employee
Job Function Choose from over 100 job functions
Industry Choose from over 50 industries
Salary Level Choose from 7 salary levels
(£15k to £300k)
Geographical Area Go national, regional or your county

Getting Started Today, Saving Time and Gaining Maximum Exposure For Your CV

Start now to give your job search the boost it deserves.

We have spent years building our network of 8,200+ recruiters and you are invited to send your CV to relevant, targeted recruiters from our network.

Taking 3 minutes now to target recruiters can save you weeks or months of searching for appropriate recruiters.

Click here now to connect directly with targeted recruiters in just minutes, rather than months.


Case Study

"Got a new and improved position in just 3 weeks"

Name: Geoff Crisp
Position:   Senior Account/Sales Manager
Location:  Hertfordshire

The Challenge

Being in a full-time position meant that Geoff didn't have the time needed to conduct an effective hunt for specific recruiters in his field. Geoff was also looking to save time by getting a huge amount of exposure for his background within days.

What Happened Next?

Geoff received a note from us to let him know that we received his details and that we would shortly be sending out his CV to targeted recruiters from our recruiter network.

We checked his CV and also looked at the options he had selected when registering to ensure that his options were optimised. The next morning we sent Geoff's CV to 277 recruiters that matched his profile in terms of salary level, job function, industry, employment type, geographical areas and employment level.

We emailed Geoff to let him know that his CV was being sent out to our recruiter network, and that it would take between two and three hours to complete.

The Results

We heard from Geoff just three weeks after he had registered with us. This is what Geoff told us:

"To all at CV Trumpet: Registering with CV Trumpet has proved to be a very worthwhile investment, having secured a new and improved sales position with a leading IT company within a month of registering.

To me the main benefit of the CV Trumpet service from a candidate's perspective is that you only have to register your details once which has saved me lots of time. It also ensures that you target professional IT recruitment consultants with active opportunities. I will not hesitate to recommend CV Trumpet to friends and associates."

Success Comments

"Found my dream job "

“After months of trawling job websites and spending precious hours/days applying for non-existent jobs and feeling more de-motivated by the day, I decided to give CV trumpet a try....I had more legitimate leads in the first week of joining CVtrumpet than I had had in the previous 6 months and as a result I found my dream job.  I would recommend CV trumpet to anyone looking for their next career move and would certainly use this service again.”

Michelle Wheelwright, Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

"Around ten follow-ups within a couple of days"

"So far so good; approximately ten follow ups within a couple of days. Already some interesting opportunities looming!"

David Bryant, Sales Director, South East.

"5 responses within 2 hours and I'm being put forward for a couple of good jobs"

"Wanted to drop a quick line to say I'm impressed - 2 hours after my CV going out, I've already had 5 responses and after 2 telephone conversations am being put forward for a couple of good jobs that are a great match for my experience. Whatever the final outcome, this certainly justifies the investment."

L.E. Project Manager.

"I received a lot of responses from interested recruiters"

"Thank-you for your follow-up email. It took me quite a while to reply to you since there were several enquiries from the recruiters on my email account. Thank you very much for your help."

Songwut Limcharoen, IT Manager, South West.

"Offered a role in a leading company"

"... Job hunting can be tedious but using CVtrumpet saved me a lot of repetitive work. 6 weeks after using CVtrumpet I had been offered a role as the Chief Administration Officer in a leading Global Asset Management Organisation based in London."

Susan Baldwin, Chief Administration Officer, Upminster.

"6 voice mails and 8 emails the same day"

"Dear Kelly, On the day it was sent out I had 6 voice mails and 8 emails! I am following a few up at the moment so thank you."

David Burt, Marketing Director, London.

"Five phone calls from interested recruiters on the first day"

"I have had five calls today, two with specific assignments in mind."

Kevin Holiday, Civil Engineer.

"Six interviews and a new position"

"..After a few hours of CVtrumpet distributing my CV I'd had email and phone contacts from around forty recruiters specialising in the IT industry. ..these contacts generated six interviews and I had agreed to join my new employer within three months - an outstanding result!"

Alan Smith, IT Professional Services Director - EMEA, South-East.

"Found the job I wanted with minimum fuss"

"...through CVtrumpet I found the job I wanted with the minimum of fuss. One of the worst aspects of job hunting is trawling through the agencies but using the CVtrumpet service helped me avoid this, it worked very quickly for me too."

Pete Saysell, IT Support, Lancashire.

"Several quality interviews and an offer"

"Within a couple of weeks, 3 extremely well connected search firms had contacted me, resulting in several quality interviews and a subsequent offer...I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this service."

Neil Burgess, CTO.