Get The Executive Recruitment Edge By Saving Your Job Searching Time and Maximising Your Exposure

CVtrumpet is the UK’s first online CV sending company, providing a complimentary service to executive recruiters.

Over seven years, the complimentary service has enabled CVtrumpet to build the largest executive recruitment network in the UK. CVtrumpet helps thousands of executives with their executive job search ever year.

CVtrumpet provides executives with a platform to upload your CV & cover letter to, and choose the type of executive recruitment firms to send your CV to.

CVtrumpet can of course save you time and help you get recognised by some of the top executive recruiters and headhunters in the industries, functions and locations you are interested in

The service provides an alternative route to connecting with executive recruiters and executive recruitment firms in the UK.

Over seven years ago we began to build an extensive recruiter network across the UK. Today, we have over 8,200 executive and management recruiters registered with us to receive very specific CVs.

The Executive Recruitment Edge

Other services tend to be tied to a particular recruiter association or job board, which charge recruiters. This of course limits the size of their network of recruiters.

The size of our recruiter network is not limited by the constraints that render other such services weak or ineffective, as we do not charge recruiters to receive CV’s, and haven’t done so for over seven years. This has enabled us to build, and more importantly retain, an extensive executive recruiter network.

An Extensive Recruiter Network

We provide recruiters with candidates based on salary level, job level, job function (100+), industry/sector (50+) and location.

By meeting the needs of the executive recruiter and only sending them specific candidates that meet their needs, our network attracts executive recruiters and executive recruitment firms.

Save Time and Increase Your Exposure

This of course provides you with a great deal of exposure in the competitive marketplace for executive jobs.

Such exposure may take several months or years to find yourself. After all, it has taken us over five years to build the recruiter network that we have now.

You select the recruiters that you are looking to connect with in terms of your job function, industry, level, salary and location. We then send your CV to all relevant recruiters from our network.

Executive recruiters that are interested in your background then contact you directly.

It takes just 3 minutes, rather than months, to connect with the right executive recruiters.

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