Increase The Number of Interviews You Are Invited To In Just Minutes With Effective Cover Letter Examples

Learn how to easily uncover more job vacancies with proven cover letter samples and get more invites to interviews

It is estimated that around 70% to 80% of vacancies are not advertised. These positions are often filled by word-of-mouth (before they are advertised).
By not tapping into the unadvertised vacancies, many people are missing out on the majority of vacancies (and interviews).

So, the goal is to maximise the number of invitations you receive for interviews.

To maximise your interview invitations it is essential to have effective letters that will help you when applying for advertised vacancies.

More importantly, you will need effective letters to assist you in contacting companies and recruiters to access the 70% to 80% of vacancies that aren’t advertised.

Just as important is following up.

Double your number of interview invitations just by following up effectively

If you’re not following up in a persistent but polite way you are missing out on interviews. Recruiters are busy people often dealing with hundreds of applications per week. Your initial application may get missed. By following up, or changing your approach, you increase your chances of getting interviews.

To save you spending weeks writing your own letters and to help you to make a great first impression, we have put together effective job hunting letters that will help you to open more doors and receive more invitations to interviews.

The covering letters can be modified to suit your own needs in just seconds - we show you exactly how to do this.

The set of 25+ effective job hunting letters offers you the following benefits:

Be first and have fewer applicants to compete with. We have produced six letters for you to approach companies or recruiters/agencies that aren’t advertising. Most positions aren’t advertised and are filled by “word of mouth”. These letters help you to tap into these positions.

Increase interview invitations and job offers by politely but persistently following up. Easily follow up after sending your CV, after the telephone conversation with a recruiter and after the interview. We have the letters to help you to do this with ease.

Uncover more job openings with our five networking letters. These letters enable you to network with people you know and those that you don’t know yet.

Create a professional first impression and make sure that you don’t miss out on any more interviews

Politely follow-up and maintain good relations with recruiters, your network and hiring authorities by saying “thank you” with our set of 5 thank you letters.

Here’s a recent customer’s comments:

Update for your interest, following our previous correspondence. I wrote letters (using your templates slightly modified) regarding possible unadvertised opportunities.

I had about 6 companies that were interested in talking with me. From that I had three interviews and just today have accepted a very good offer from a well established and respected manufacturer!! This whole job process has come good for me.

Bob Keen, UK

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P.S. Now, to help you to get more interviews and to save you spending weeks writing your own letters we have put together this set of effective job-hunting letters. You could be using this set of letters to uncover more interviews in minutes.

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