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All recruiters are approved and opted-in

CVtrumpet is the UK’s first executive CV forwarding service and has over 8,200 executive recruiters registered to receive CVs. Since 2002, CVtrumpet has helped thousands of executives and £50k+ candidates to connect with the right recruiters.

When you register, your CV is forwarded to multiple targeted recruiters who match your chosen functions, industries and location.

This maximises your interview exposure, saves you time, and enables you to be considered for the 70% of appointments that aren’t advertised or published anywhere.

Start now and...

1. Maximise your interview exposure in just minutes

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3. Save months searching for and contacting suitable recruiters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all recruiters opted in to your service?

Yes, all recruiters in our network have opted into our service and have a profile stored of the candidates that they are looking to interview and place. This ensures that they welcome candidates forwarded from CVtrumpet as we only forward them specific candidates that match the profile that they have stored.

In addition, our researchers screen all recruiters and only legitimate firms are allowed to receive CVs.

How many recruiters will receive my CV?

This depends on your function, sector, industry and salary. The range for most people is between 89 and 176. The number is usually greater for certain IT and Sales candidates. The list of recruiters is available to you as an option.

How many responses will I get?

You’ll usually start receiving contact from recruiters as soon as we start forwarding your CV. The number of responses depends on a variety of factors which include the demand for your particular skill-set and suitability for current roles.  Most feedback from recruiters generally comes within two weeks from the date you distribute your CV.

Can I view the list of all recipients?

Yes, you do have the option of obtaining the list of recruitment companies to which your CV is sent.

How does this compare with applying for jobs online or in the press?

When applying for jobs, it can take a long time to make the right connections. First you have to trawl the job boards looking for the right roles, and you then forward your CV to just one recruiter at a time. This can take months to get anywhere. With CVtrumpet, your CV goes straight to multiple, targeted recruiters and it only takes you 3 minutes.

You maxmise your interview exposure immediately.

For over a decade our service has focused purely on connecting great candidates with top quality, targeted and approved executive recruiters.

Register just once to reach a large number of targeted recruiters in just minutes, rather than months.

Connect With Leading Executive Recruiters In Just Minutes

Success Comments

Plenty of contact within a couple of days

"So far so good; approximately ten follow ups within a couple of days. Already some interesting opportunities looming!"

David Bryant, Sales Director, South East.

Six voice mails from recruiters on the same day

"Dear Kelly, On the day it was sent out I had 6 voice mails and 8 emails! I am following a few up at the moment so thank you."

David Burt, Marketing Director, London.

Two specific assignments and five calls

"I have had five calls today, two with specific assignments in mind."

Kevin Holiday, Civil Engineer.

Put forward for two positions

"Wanted to drop a quick line to say I'm impressed - 2 hours after my CV going out, I've already had 5 responses and after 2 telephone conversations am being put forward for a couple good jobs that are a great match for my experience. Whatever the final outcome, this certainly justifies the investment."

L.E. Project Manager.

Accepted a job

"I hope all is well. I just want to thank you and to let you know that I have accepted a job offer from a company called Geo Post."

Teddy Krooman, Project Manager, London

Several enquiries from interested recruiters

"Thank-you for your follow-up email. It took me quite a while to reply to you since there were several enquiries from the recruiters on my email account. Thank you very much for your help."

Songwut Limcharoen, IT Manager, South West.

Recruiter found him a job

"Hi, I've lost my registration etc but I have now found a job from one of my CVs you sent out. Very impressed with your service."

Noel Burger, Account Executive, West Midlands.

Several quality interviews

Within a couple of weeks, 3 extremely well connected executive search firms had contacted me, resulting in several quality interviews...I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this service."

Neil Burgess, CTO.

Excelled in customer care

"...thank you so much for all of your efforts - CV Trumpet have excelled themselves in customer care."

John R Gurnett

Started job today

"A few days after I registered, I received a phone call and information that a project was underway and they needed someone with my qualifications. I went for the interview last Monday, was successful, and I started my job today."

Timothy Stanton, Manager, East Midlands

Access to jobs

"Thanks to your organisation for access to jobs and articles on job hunting and other related items."

"I will recommend your organisation to anyone that asks."

Douglas Struthers, Project Manager, North West

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