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Our executive jobs search CV sending service provides executives with an alternative route to connecting with executive recruiters and executive recruitment firms in the UK.

From the outset, our main goal was to provide executives with an easy and effective way to connect with multiple, targeted executive recruitment firms and uncover more executive jobs.

To do this we knew that we would have to build the UK’s largest executive recruiter network. We now have over 8,200 executive and management recruiters registered with us. Around 12% of these are interim executive recruitment firms. That is, they either specialise in just interim placements or they place executives into both Interim and Permanent roles.

The Job Searching Edge

We provide the executive job seeker the edge when it comes to connecting with them with the right recruiters.

Unlike other services, we are not tied to a particular recruiter association or job board and so the size of our network is not limited by the constraints that render other such services weak or ineffective.

An Extensive Recruiter Network

Unlike other services we do not charge recruiters which again helps us to build our recruiter network. Unlike other services, we provide recruiters with candidates based on salary level, job level, job function, industry/sector and location. By meeting the needs of the executive recruiter and only sending them specific candidates that meet their needs, our network attracts and retains executive recruiters and executive recruitment firms.

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Saving Your Time and Increasing Your Exposure

This of course provides you with a great deal of exposure in the competitive marketplace for executive jobs. Such exposure may take several months or years to find yourself. After all, it has taken us over three years to build the recruiter network that we have now.

Of benefit to you is that it only takes around three or four minutes of your time to access all relevant recruiters from our recruiter network. You choose your salary level (from £15k to £300k), your job function (choose from over 140), your industry/sector (choose from over 50), your job level (Director, Manager, Employee, MD), your employment type (Permanent, Interim or Contract) and the locations you wish to target. We then read your CV and profile, search our recruiter network and then send your CV and profile to all relevant recruiters from our network.

Targeted Job Search Exposure

We target you to recruiters that have specified to receive candidates that meet the criteria that you specify on our registration form. Unlike other services we send your CV individually and directly to the inboxes of all matching recruiters. Interested recruiters then get in touch with you directly.

After you’ve told us about the types of positions you are looking for and submitted your CV, a human, not a computer, will read your CV and profile and target you to appropriate recruiters from our network accordingly. Your CV and profile is sent to all relevant recruiters from our network within two business days of us receiving your order. We send you a confirmation email once distribution is underway and ask for your feedback. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your responses, we provide a CV review and resend your CV for you.
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1,000’s Of Executive Jobs

Your executive jobs search is now easier. We have direct links to the UK’s leading executive jobs site.

Before you spend hours searching through the site below you may wish to learn more about how you can tap into the UK’s largest executive recruiter network: click here to connect with the right executive recruiters and find more executive jobs.

Executive Jobs Sites Overviewed

Search over 2,500 executive jobs at £50,000+ from the new executive and management jobs network.

You can also go directly to specific executive jobs search pages:

Director Jobs
IT Director Jobs
Sales Director Jobs
Finance Director Jobs
Engineering Director Jobs
Marketing Director Jobs
Management Jobs

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