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Interim Executive Recruitment in the UK

CVtrumpet specialises in connecting you with interim or permanent executive recruitment firms in the UK.

Further details on how our service can save you time and send your CV to targeted interim or permanent executive recruitment firms is below.

Why Interim Management?

Organisations look to interim managers/executives to fill senior roles that are temporary. An interim manager will usually fill a staffing gap while the company looks for a permanent employee, or when a permanent employee cannot be found fast enough.

Also known as 'consultants', interim managers are actually different from consultants as they serve in a more "hands-on" capacity and often have a lot more direct influence over staff than a consultant would.

Interim management is growing in the UK. There are many benefits associated with interim management from both the executive's and the employer's perspectives. Executives are often given a critical task or tasks on which to focus for the duration of the role. Typically, the executive will also start just days after the interview.

For the company, hiring an interim manager helps to deliver results in a short time period - so typically it is cost effective. The interim manager also transfers skills and experience to the existing team. Permanent head-count is also kept down. The interim manager's contribution is also easy to measure, particularly if they have one main task to focus on.

With a tougher permanent market, new entrants are moving to offering services on the interim market. Needless to say, companies tend to prefer interims that already have a verifible track record in interim management. Those looking for thier first interim management role will typically find that thier repsonse is lower than someone with a proven track record in interim management.

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