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CVtrumpet's History

Over seven years ago, just before we started CVtrumpet, candidates were largely left out when it came to online recruitment.

Candidates could only:

  • Apply for one position at a time,
  • Send a CV to one recruiter at a time
  • Put a CV in a database and hope to be found amongst the thousands of other candidates.

Getting hired was often a very slow process.

All of the existing services were biased towards recruiters.

This is not really surprising though as recruiters were paying for the services.

A recruiter could post a job and get 100+ applications within days (even for the majority of senior positions). 

That's great news for the recruiter, not so good for the candidate, who of course competes with all of the other candidates for the same position.

We thought that there must be an easier way for candidates to connect with recruiters

To even things out and give the candidate a better chance, we thought about how we could provide the candidate with the power of reaching 100+ targeted recruiters in one go.

So that we could forward a candidate's CV to a large number of targeted recruiters, it was obvious that we would have to build an extensive recruiter network.

Recruiters have a lot of choice when it comes to hiring, so we’d also have to give them what they want, which is highly-targeted CVs from quality candidates for free.

And that's exactly what we've been doing for the last seven years.

The UK's Largest Network of Executive Recruiters and Recruitment Consultants

Our seven years of supplying recruiters with the CVs of quality, targeted candidates looking for their next career move now has helped us to build, and more importantly retain, our extensive recruiter network of 8,267 executive recruiters and recruitment consultants.

Our recruiter relations team is on the phone to recruiters every single day. This ensures that when you use CVtrumpet to forward your CV, your CV goes to a large number of targeted recruiters.

Maintaining quality and being open is important to us. We manually screen every recruiter. Also, when you login to your account or start a new registration, you have the option of obtaining the list of recruitment companies that your CV is forwarded to.

You can quickly connect with recruiters looking for you, knowing that you're in safe hands with the UK's first and most experienced online CV forwarding service.

Exactly How it Works

Recruiters have a profile stored with us which contains information on what types of people they are looking to interview and place.

They tell us who they are looking for in terms of:

Job Function




Employment Type

Employment Level

When you register at CVtrumpet, you actually choose the recruiters your CV is forwarded to by telling us your preferred Job Functions, Industries, Salary, Location, Employment Type and Employment Level.

Your CV is then forwarded to all matching recruiters from our network the same or next business day.

Recruiters receive your Word CV attached to the message along with your text CV in the body of the email (some recruiters prefer the text version as it's easy to access).

When you login to your account or start a new registration
you can get the list of recruitment companies to which your CV is sent.

You get an email from us once distribution is underway along with the list of recruiters if you opted for it.

Recruiters then contact you directly. Your CV is sent to recruiters from CVtrumpet so that they know where the CV is from. Also, as we only send recruiters targeted CVs that match their needs, recruiters welcome CVs from CVtrumpet.

Recruiters then get in touch with you directly.

It's direct, easy and effective.

Who We Can Help

CVtrumpet targets you to specific recruiters in the UK, and so is suitable if you are looking for your next career move in the UK.


In terms of salary, CVtrumpet covers salary levels up to £300k. Just select your salary level on our registration form to connect with recruiters who recruit in your chosen range.

Job Functions and Industries

CVtrumpet has recruiters registered and waiting for CVs in over 100 job functions and over 50 industries. To view the functions and industries we cover, just login to your account or start a new registration.

Permanent, Contract or Interim

CVtrumpet has recruiters registered who cover permanent, contract and interim positions.

MD, Director, Manager, Project Manager, Employee

We cover all of the above employment levels.


CVtrumpet covers the UK. You can target recruiters by county or region. Our sister site covers the U.S and Canada.

Who we can't help

CVtrumpet is exclusively for those who reside in the European Union and are looking to connect with targeted recruiters in the UK.

We can't help:

  • Those that are not legally entitled to work in the UK, even if an application is being processed.

  • Individuals from outside of the EU, unless the individual wants to return to work in the UK after working abroad.

  • Those that are looking to connect with recruiters outside of the UK

  • Those unemployed for six months or more. As a general rule, if you have been out of employment for 6 months or more, you should get your CV and cover letters looked at first before sending them anywhere else. To dramatically improve your CV, click here.

When will my CV be forwarded

Once you've selected a CV forwarding package, we forward your CV to all matching recruiters from our network the same or next business day.

Start Now

To connect with the right recruiters in minutes, rather than months, just login to your account or click here to start a new registration.